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Admin/finance officer

Organization for People’s Health in Action (OPHA)
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Position Title: Admin/finance officer

2024-07-10        Nangarhar       Full Time        269

Job Location: Nangarhar
Nationality: Afghan
Category: Management
Employment Type: Full Time
Salary: According to Organization salary scale
Vacancy Number: 83/2024
No. Of Jobs: 1
City: Nangarhar, Laghman, and Kunar
Organization: Organization for People’s Health in Action (OPHA)
Years of Experience: Experience is preferred (3 years)
Contract Duration: 12 Month
Gender: Male/Female
Education: University Degree (BBA) and relevant professional experience
Close date: 2024-07-10

About Organization for People’s Health in Action (OPHA):

  • I.  Information:

Organization for People’s Health in Action (OPHA) is a non-profit seeking, non-governmental national NGO established in 14/10 /2017 (1396/07/22) in Afghanistan. OPHA is dedicated to saving the lives and relieving the sufferings through capacity building of health system cadres, emergency management and developmental programs in the country ,implementation of community development projects and empowering the youth and women to contribute to the development of Afghan nation. OPHA activities are focusing on providing health assistance, health programs and social development to vulnerable communities in Afghanistan. OPHA is founded by a team of experienced public health specialists and trainers with technical and managerial experience in national and international organizations for many years.

The organization is officially registered with the ministry of economy with registration ID # 4280

The organization has dedicated professionals with a passion to make quality health care in Afghanistan accessible to vulnerable strata. The senior management team has developed and earned an in-depth knowledge of health care needs, expertise in delivery of health care services and participated in the improvement of the health and community development sector in Afghanistan through implementation of BPHS and EPHS and many other relevant vertical projects.

            The effective leadership tenure/experience of OPHA senior staff at high level at    

            MoPH Afghanistan in curative health system as MoPH Curative Department Director  

            and the OPHA general director and founder has a master degree in community  

            development and conservation from united States reputable entities is a great asset and

             is to be overemphasized in leadership  and organization/ project management. Such rich,  

            diverse and strong accumulation and matrix of leadership background ensure and back up 

            the development and implementation of quality management of projects. 

Job Descriptions:


The admin/finance officer will be in charge of overall administrative and financial issues of the MHNT project and monthly accountancy reports to national office. He will work with coordination of HQ Finance Manager. He will work under direct supervision of Finance Manager.

  2. The cash flow of the organization and its all projects expenses made in Kunar, Laghman, Nangarhar and he has to maintain adequate cash position in individual cash boxes in different currencies.
  3. To Check and identity of clients and compares signatures against registered authorizations prior to issuing advances.
  4. To issue cheque for different kind of advances and payment during the month after he checks all of the required documentation (requisition, Quotations, Bids, Purchase orders, Contract etc) is prepared and ready for purchase.
  5. To justify the advances on daily base and collect all the related documents supportive for the bill and attach them with the bills.
  6. If any problem occurs in issuing of the cheque then he is the responsible to reimbursed for the deficit.
  7. To check all Internal and Purchase order forms along with their required supportive document for their amount calculation accuracy, codifications, date, signature and approval of the project manager and concern authorities.
  8. To pass the daily cash transaction in the journals and for all the transaction he/she should make sure that the related account codes and budget line codes are correct prior to the entry.
  9. To maintain up-to-date, accurate & well documented records of all financial transactions and make sure that documents are correct and completed.
  10. To Check and review all financial documents; ensure its integrity and accuracy and  make sure that all payment bills and invoices are well calculated, codified, translated, stamped and approved by the concerned project manager taking in consideration of OPHA Financial Policies.
  11. To make surprised cash counting of the cashier to ensure that the balance of the cash is equal to the balance of the cash in accounting book.
  12. To consult with the finance manager any financial tasks fulfilment.
  13. To ensure that there is no advance not justified at the end of the month.
  14. Supporting and facilitating recruitment process of staff at Provincial offices /projects.
  15. Making sure that the monthly attendance sheet and time sheets are properly filled out at Province level.
  16. Making sure that the days off of the staff is following based on the standard formats at Province level.
  17. To prepare monthly staff attendance sheets, time sheets & the salary sheet of staff on monthly basis.
  18. To update and filling of the staff contracts, extension, change position, change location, and termination.
  19. Preparation of the file for new comers according to OPHA administration procedures.
  20. To follow up the vacant positions and making sure the recruitment of new staff is according to OPHA procedure.
  21. To follow up and filling the turn over, promotion, demotion, termination, and resignation of the staff.
  22. To follow up of the days off following up, record and file the days off forms to the file of each employee.

Job Requirements:

  • BBA Degree of equivalent
  • At least 3 year experiences in position of Accounting Finance and HR.
  • Training in Finance reporting and training in software “e.g. Quick Book”
  • High proficiency of English, Dari and Pashto languages.
  • Excellent computer skills, especially Microsoft Excel and Word (essential).
  • Excellent team-working skills & flexibility under pressure and in response to changing needs.


  •            Act according to the policies of OPHA.
    • Keep confidentiality with issues related to OPHA.
    • Develop Spirit of co-operation and understanding among members of the team.
    • Work with honesty and co-operative attitude and keep a high standard of quality.




Submission Guidelines:


Kabul office address: House, #21 Qala-e-Fatullah, 5th Street District 10th

Email: opha.general.director@gmail.com

Enter post Office, Post Box #803

Web site Address: www.opha.org.af

All other interdictions are stipulated in the staff regulation and other OPHA policies along with the disciplinary measures and all these policies are part of the staff contract with OPHA.

Organization for people`s Health in action OPHA is a non-governmental organisation running projects for the welfare of Afghans. Therefore, all people working with the organisation must be available and flexible at any time to achieve the activities within the set deadlines.

OPHA has zero-tolerance policy regarding Sexual Exploitation and Abuse.

In case of finding eligible nominees during any time while in announcement period  can be shorten and stoped and directly can go for next steps.

Email address:- opha.job@gmail.com

Submission Email:

This job has been expired!

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