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AKHS-A (Aga Khan Health Service-Afghanistan)

Position Title: Gynecologist

2024-07-18        Baghlan       Full Time        88

Job Location: Baghlan
Nationality: National
Category: Health Care
Employment Type: Full Time
Salary: As per organization salary scale
Vacancy Number: GYN/4Jul
No. Of Jobs: 1
City: Nahrin District Hospital
Organization: AKHS-A (Aga Khan Health Service-Afghanistan)
Years of Experience: حداقل یک سال تجربه کاری در بخش مربوطه
Contract Duration: Project base
Gender: Female
Education: فارغ التحصیل رشته طب معالجویی با داشتن اسناد تخصص در بخش مربوطه 
Close date: 2024-07-18

About AKHS-A (Aga Khan Health Service-Afghanistan):

Aga Khan Health Services (AKHS) is one of the most comprehensive private, not‐for‐profit health care systems in the developing world with community health programs in large geographical areas in Central and South Asia, as well as in East Africa.

The Aga Khan Health Services, Afghanistan (AKHS, A) was established in 2003 as part of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN). AKHS, A provides health care services mainly on behalf of the government including the Ministry of Public Health’s of Afghanistan’s Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS) and Essential Package of Hospital Services (EPHS). AKHS, A is unique both in scale and scope, delivering critical health services along the continuum of care, from Community Health Workers (CHWs) to ISO certified hospital facilities.

Since 2003 AKHS, A is implementing Healthcare services in Bamyan, Baghlan and Badakhshan provinces. The agency’s scope of work includes the provision of primary and secondary Healthcare, Preventive and curative medical care, Nursing and Midwifery education, Human Resources Development and Hospital Management. The current working modality and role of AKHS, A in Bamyan and Badakhshan provinces as BPHS and EPHS implementer. AKHS, A provides technical support as well as capacity building of health personnel, immunization services, nutrition trainings and the training of Community Health Nurses and Community Health Midwifery.

AKHS, A tapped into internal and other donor fundings to continue supplementary and complementary supports to the national health system. Moreover, AKHS, A scale up AKDN innovations, including, expansions of e-Health services, e-learning initiatives, and cross border arrangements. To promote healthy environment, AKHS, A is implementing net zero and greenhouse gas emission.

Job Descriptions:

مسولیت معاینه، تشخیص و تداوی مریضان بخش نسائی- ولادی بشمول امراض ساری وغیره را  مطابق به معیارات وضع شده وزارت صحت عامه، به عهده دارد.

مریضان را به اساس معاینه و تشخیص ، تداوی ویا به دیگر مراکز مجهزتر راجع نماید.

خانه پری کتاب راجستربصورت مداوم) هنگام موجودیت مریض( ثبت نمودن مکمل  مریض تشخیص، توصیه ادویه ورجعت مریضان به مراکزعالی ودیگر مشوره ها مطابق به دریافت  درهنگام معاینه مسولیت داکترمتخص ص میباشد.   

فورمه جات گزارشات احصایه، امراض و تداوی رابصورت مکمل و درست حسب ضرورت HMIS خانه پری نماید. 

جهت عرضه خدمات با کیفیت با تمام بخش های شفاخانه ولسوالی مانند عرضه خدمات سراپا، عرضه خدمات داخل بستر، عملیات خانه، بخش های تشخیصی، خدمات معافیت کتلوی، دواخانه وغیره، همکاری نزدیک میداشته باشد. 

اجرای پروسیجر های تخصصی برای مریضان نیازمند و آموزش آن به دوکتوران جوان.

با تمام بخش های مرکز صحی بشمول انجام آموزش عملی آنان همکاری مینماید.

اشتراک در تریننگ های در نظر گرفته شده از طرف مؤسسه تطبیق کننده.

در مورد مجموعهء خدمات صحی اساسی برای افغانستان معلومات کافی داشته و آنرا در عمل تطبیق نماید.

هر وظیفه دیگری که از طرف سوپروایزر مربوطه یا مسؤلین مؤسسه داده میشود، را اجرأ نماید. 

اجرای نوکریوالی 24 ساعته مطابق جدول نوکریوالی شفاخانه. 

ارایه راپور ماهوار به مسول شعبه HMIS شفاخانه. 

اجرای عملیات های سیزارین و دیگر عملیات هایکه مربوط به بخش نسایی ولادی میشو د. 

Job Requirements:

فارغ التحصیل رشته طب معالجویی با داشتن اسناد تخصص در بخش مربوطه 

حداقل یک سال تجربه کاری در بخش مربوطه 

مهارت خواندن و نوشتن به زبان دری و سایر زبان های محلی.

داشتن مهارت در افهام و تفهیم.

داشتن سجایای اخلاقی)صبر، حوصله، دلسوزی، محتاط بودن و مراعات نمودن تمام موازین اسلا

Submission Guidelines:

Qualified applicants who are exactly suitable with the above criteria are requested to send their applications + CVs through this link: (https://forms.gle/fSKhNwa5UzMU6Nqn9 ).

Note: Applications are reviewed on active bases and after receiving sufficient eligible applications we may process the position before closing date. 

Aga Khan Health Service, Afghanistan strives to promote diversity as well as provide an equal employment opportunity to each candidate, regardless of age, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, language, marital status, origin, political affiliation, religion, sex, or social statuses.

Aga khan Health Service- Afghanistan is an equal opportunities employer. Female are encouraged to apply.

AKHS is concerned about the climate and environmental crises we face and is doing everything possible to reduce our own impact, encouraging others to do the same, and advancing understanding in this field. AKHS has set itself the task of getting as close to net-zero carbon operations as possible by 2030. We expect all staff to contribute to achieving these aims in the context of their roles. We encourage applicants with previous experience or an interest in this field to app.

(AKHS, A enforces a zero-tolerance stance towards behaviors inconsistent with the goals of AKDN and AKHS, A, encompassing sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment, authority abuse, and discrimination. The organization is committed to stringent child safeguarding principles. Successful candidates are required to align with these standards, undergoing thorough reference and background assessments, which involve validating academic credentials and employment history. Additional information may be requested for a comprehensive background check.)

“AKHS, A is an equal employment opportunity organization, and with the mandate of transparent, open, and fair recruitment process. Any follow up during the recruitment process by the applicant/candidate can disqualify the querier”.  



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